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Jigpara Blade Jigs

The Jigpara Blade is the newest lure to debut in the Jigpara series. As you cast and retrieve, it strongly attracts fish and triggers their predatory nature. The shape helps to control the friction of the water while retrieving and maintains the correct underwater motion.

The way it displaces the water creates wave motion around the lure creating attractive reaction from the fish. These design characteristics make the Jigpara Blade one of the most effective blade baits available.

Available in Sizes: 140mm (50g), 130mm (42g), 100mm (27g · 35g), 75mm (23g · 18g), 55mm (14g)

and Micro Sizes :  44mm (5g · 7g) / 35mm (3g)

Supplied with trebles as shown below.

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