Jigpara TG Tungsten Jigs

Jigpara TG Tungsten jigs are very popular with shore and boat anglers alike. Tungsten being more dense than the normal material offers heavier jigs for a smaller size. This allows you to "match the hatch" when the target fish are feeding on smaller bait, or to use a smaller jig in deeper water when micro jigging.

Available in 10g, 14g, 18g, 24g, 32g, 40g, 50g and 60g sizes

Supplied with a single assist hook front and treble rear (sizes 10~32g).

Supplied with a twin assist hook front (sizes 40~60g).

#1 Iwashi / Sardine
#2 Pink
#3 Red Gold
#4 Blue Pink
#7 Zebra Glow
#11 Green Gold
#34 Cotton Candy
#49 Orange Gold
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