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Keitech Flex Chunk

With its large segmented pincers, the Flex Chunk imitates a crab or a crawfish and has an incredible freedom of movement due to the segmented design, similar to the popular Custom Leech with the slightest movement of the rod tip imparting a tantalising, natural motion that triggers the feeding instincts in all predatory species, particularly perch and pike! Salt and scent impregnated like all the famous Keitech models before, this lure is bound to be a big hit amongst predator anglers worldwide.


Built using a moderately soft worm material for durability and flex. Then by adding a little salt to slightly increase the specific gravity, it creates a slower more lingering action.


 Contains "natural squid flavor" that strongly induces takes.


A "sleeper structure" is designed to move the two thick leaf-shaped tails. It reacts sensitively to even slight movements of the head.

Colours & Sizes Available

Sizes :

Medium (6.5g) - 6 per Pack

Large (13.5g) - 5 per Pack

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