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Keitech Little Spider

The Keitech Little Spider was developed by Keiichi Hayashi at a time when small rubber jigs made of silicon skirts were not in the market yet . The Original models were made from a Latex material which was virtually indestructible. That material was extremely hard to work with, it could not be scented or mixed with other plastics or it would degrade.

After a short spell on the sidelines we decided to bring it back using a harder version of Squid infused salted plastic. This remake also gave us the ability to dual inject which lead to some great new two-tone colors.


The finely cut tails are the secret to the Little Spider’s effectiveness. The tails have the legendary Keitech swimming action, even at the slowest of speeds or following subtle movements.


The finely cut tentacles flare out seductively and shiver at the slightest movement. The centering hole provides guidance to ensure correct rigging.

Colours & Sizes Available

Sizes :

2" (1.1g) - 8 per Pack

3" (1.7g) - 8 per Pack

3.5" (2.7g) - 5 per Pack

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