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Keitech Shad Impact

The Keitech Shad Impact is the perfect bait fish imitation. After careful consideration and multiple prototypes, we produced a lure that maintains a horizontal swimming posture with a natural rolling action that imitates a wounded bait fish. The top section of the bait is a no salt, light weight plastic and the bottom is a heavier, salted plastic. This combination provides the balance necessary to achieve the desired effect.


Both the 4” and 5” Shad Impact can be fished texas rigged, on a split-shot or Carolina rig. The Shad Impact is also extremely effective on a shaky head or as a drop shot lure. Check out the action videos below and meet your favorite new bait.


Keitech Shad Impact Features:

Horizontal swimming action

Specific plastics for better balance and action

Custom Keitech 2-tone color process

Strong squid scent


Unsymmetrical body design creates a rolling action

that drives predators wild.

The Shad Impact has perfectly centered hook slit to

ensure correct rigging.

Product Video Links


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Colours & Sizes Available

Sizes :

2" (0.9g) - 12 per Pack

3" (2.2g) - 10 per Pack

4" (5.2g) - 8 per Pack

5" (7.2g) - 6 per Pack

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