Major Craft Line Thru Jigs

Major Craft Line Thru Jigs are perfect for use in fresh or saltwater fishing.

Designed for a more adaptable and a more direct feel these heads are ideal for use on shore or offshore. The "offset" style is desgned for use with Paraworm lures to add further attraction and the "Tai" style more for Tai Rubber style set ups.


Offset Style Sizes : 10g, 15g and 20g

Tai Style Sizes : 30g, 40g and 60g 

#205 Red (Offset)
#207 Orange (Offset)
#208 Sliver (Offset)
#209 Green (Offset)
#210 Gold (Offset)
#211 Glow (Offset)
#205 Red (Tai)
#207 Orange (Tai)
#208 Silver (Tai)
#209 Green (Tai)
#210 Gold (Tai)
#211 Glow (Tai)
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