Major Craft Shore Egi Squid Jigs

New for 2019 the Major Craft shore squid jigs come after years of Egi fishing experiance.

The Kanna (hooks) are made in Japan, which has the outstanding peircing capacity and strength due to the unique thin wire gauge and fluorine coating, which has a black finish that is not visible to wary squid.


Available in 2.5 (10.5g), 3.0 (15g) and 3.5 (21g) sizes.

Available in the following colours

#1 Kabuki Orange (Base: Gold)
#2 Kabuki Orange (Base: Rainbow)
#3 Kabuki Pink (Base: Gold)
#4 Kabuki Pink (Base: Silver)
#5 Kabuki Olive (Base: Gold)
#6 Kabuki Blue (Base: Silver)
#7 Aji (Base: Gold)
#8 Aji Green (Base: Silver)
#9 Aji Orange (Base: Gold)
#10 Omar Brown (Base: Red)
#11 Omar Red (Base: Gold)
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