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Major Craft Ranges

Major Craft not only offer a huge range of rods for many different disciplines, they produce a great range of lures, jigs, lines and braids suitable for the modern lure angler. Please feel free to browse all the categories below or use the quick links below.

Major Craft Rods


Major Craft full rod ranges are best broken down to 4 categories.

Feel free to check out over 600 different models and ranges below.

Major Craft Saltwater Shore Rods
Major Craft Freshwater Lure Rods
Major Craft Saltwater Boat Rods
Major Craft Trout Lure Rods

Major Craft Lures

Major Craft now offer a huge range of lures under the Jigpara, Paraworm and Zoner brand names.

Once again offering Japanese quality at affordable prices.

Jigpara Shore Casting Metal Jigs
Paraworm Soft Plastic Lures
Major Craft Assist Hooks
Major Craft Egi Squid Jigs
Jigpara Metal Offshore Jigs
Major Craft Zoner Lures
Zoner Lures
Jigpara Jigheads
Major Craft Misc Jigs

Major Craft Lines & Braids

Major Craft braids and fluorocarbon perfectly match the rods and tackle they supply.

Made in Japan for the highest quality control possible.

Major Craft Dangan Fluorocarbon Line
Major Craft Dangan Braid Line

Major Craft Accessories

From landing net essentials to branded head wear and tee-shirts Major Craft supply it all!

Major Craft Landing Net
Major Craft Accessories
Accessories & Wear
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