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Created for the 10 year anniversary of Major Crafts first rod - the 'Major Stick', the design team set about designing a high, leading-edge spec rod. By utilising the latest technologies including the finest materials and blank construction techniques the MS-X was born. 

The designers focused on everything, the blank, guides, reel seat etc. They started by reinforcing the blanks stiffness against torsion (twist) by including Cross Force Plus on the button section of the blank, this is achieved by double taping the Cross Force onto flat woven carbon, Cross Force can be seen to the middle of the blank. 

The top section of the rods have an unground carbon finish,  this balance of Cross Force Plus and High Modulus carbon provides the strength and stiffness for modern lure fishing techniques, it has a high-end crisp action whilst retaining a lightweight feel in the hand. 

All models are fitted with Fuji Titanium Guides and Fuji reel seats. 



Major Craft MXC-66M
Major Craft MXC-662M

Bait finesse

Major Craft MXC-65L/BF

Big Bait

Major Craft MXC-76BB
Major Craft MXC-70FR


Major Craft MXS-67L
Major Craft MXS-652L
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