Tacklewave Pro Team

Tacklewave is made up from a great team of people to give you the greatest service and anglers who help

give the best feedback on our products and their input on product development is invaluable. Here is

a little introduction to our team.

Mike Fulmer

Company Owner

I consider myself an avid and constant angler with over 40 years experience in both salt and freshwater, from shore or boat, here in the UK and abroad.

I'm still as enthusiastic today as I was in 1974 catching minnows and small trout in the New Forest although I find it hard to fish with anything other than my beloved lures these days!

Paul Burridge

Account Manager & Website Designer

After making my first cast at the age of 5 I have never put down a fishing rod. 32 years later you can find me fishing most weeks. Currently based more on boats fishing for UK sharks I also enjoy fishing on my local rivers, lakes and sea with lures and bait. One of my greatest angling achievements was introducing my daughter to angling!


I would consider myself a all round angler covering most types of fishing. 

Andy Mytton

Marketing Manager

I am at home on the canals, rivers or reservoirs as I am on the rocks, harbours or shoreline and would consider myself a true round lure angler.

I started fishing at the age of 10 and spent many years treading the banks of rivers and canals for Zander but it was the mystery of saltwater that drew me to Dorset where I currently live. I enjoy all aspects of lure fishing and I'm happy fishing with lures from as little as 1g in weight through to 300g. My favorite species are Zander and Wrasse but if it swims I will try and catch it on a lure!

I have recently released a book titled "Hooked on Lure Fishing" and represent England at World Championship level. I enjoy street fishing across Europe and have lure fished across many cities.

Jason Vorster

BFS Jedi

Born in South Africa, I grew up targeting largemouth bass and fished various tournament circuits before heading to the UK 16 years ago where perch quickly took pole position on my quest for specimen fish. I found that by downscaling the same presentations I used for bass I could target perch and most predatory species in the UK. I've never been too proficient with a fixed spool so bfs was a blessing I learnt from a friend visiting from Singapore, that was around 5 years ago and I'm glad to see it has a firm grip on fishing in the UK.

Brian McGrath

All Round Angler & Trout Specialist

Hi my name is Brian McGrath and I'm a team member of Majorcraft UK. I'm based in Scotland and I've been fishing for 27 year's. I was taught to fish by my grandfather and started ventures into the sport like most young anglers by drowning worms. My earlier years consisted of fishing small brooks and burns for wild brown trout and this would become the start of my obsession for the species that is Salmo Trutta. As I progressed as an angler I tried my hand at targeting many different species of fish though salmonoids have always been top of my list. As an angler I've been truly blessed to grow up in such beautiful place that has an abundance of fishing opportunities and the one I prize the most is wild hill loch fishing. Roaming the Scottish wilderness in search for glacial lochs that contain the wildest of brown trout is my passion and I've targeted these fish using all manner of methods, bait ,fly and lure. The latter which I find is most exciting and successful. These days you'll find that I've ditched the worms and flies and solely use lures. Over the years I've certainly grew as an angler and broadened my horizons targeting species like the Atlantic Salmon and coastal Sea Trout. I've never been scared to venture into the unknown as a fisherman and I'm a bit of an opportunist, if theirs a species out there that'll hit a lure I'll try and catch it.

Matt Drake

All Round Angler

I've been fishing since I can remeber, I would class myself as an all round lure angler fishing for anything that will take a lure. My favorite fish is the Perch.


Although I wouldn't say I had a favorite method, I am currently enjoying using my BFS setup. I would say my favorite Major Craft rod is my Benkei.

Bogdan Pascaru

All around Predator Lure & Kayak Angler

I started to fish since my childhood back in Romania where I was born. Quickly, from a hobby the fishing became for me more than a passion. It flows through my veins. If for the first years of my fishing life I was a devoted carp angler, for last 12 years since I settled in the UK I have become a keen lure angler. I spent all these years in new waters trying new lures and methods to catch the capital fish. I built my experience on many freshwater from SE UK and on the big reservoirs. Starting with two years ago I have accepted another challenge for my fishing life - Kayak fishing, another level of lure fishing. I enjoyed it from the first day so now most of my fishing days I’ll be with my kayak exploring new waters. Moreover, since this year I started to participate to kayak fishing competitions where I had very good results for a beginner.


I’m very involved in the fishing life in the UK as I believe the fishing can be a great way to relax yourself. I organised also a lot of fishing competition as Oxford Mania which is now at the 5th edition and one of the most popular lure fishing competition in the UK. Also I organised few charity matches.


Being a migrant angler was a challenge for me due to the differences of law and mentality. But I joined Angling Trust in a project to help all the migrants anglers to be integrated and educated in the UK fishing laws and bylaws.


Being in Major Craft family is a honour for me as I believe in this brand. Every day their products help me to achieve my fishing goals.

Michael Lacey

Media Advisor

I first started fishing at primary school in Derbyshire but it was when I moved to Weymouth at the age of 12 and had the sea on my doorstep that my interest really picked up. I spent as many days as I could float-fishing from the stone pier catching mackerel, pollock & wrasse. When I could afford it I got a beach caster and would cycle to Chesil in the hope of a big cod like I saw in Sea Angler. I never saw one...

My first boat trip was with Ken Leicester on Bonwey and from then on as soon as I could save up enough money a further trip was booked, usually at the last minute with whoever had space. Once I had caught big conger, rays & plaice with the regularity you get on a boat shore fishing lost a lot of its shine for me. Once I moved back to Weymouth a few years ago with a job that gives me a very flexible timetable it was time to pick up where I left off. First I started with kayak fishing which was very rewarding but once I bought boat that was it for self propulsion!

I have also taken up fly fishing for trout and carp with the odd session of lure fishing on the river for Chub & Pike when the weather is not good enough for boating. 

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